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Welcome to Voice-over Xpress, the international voice agency that sounds like music to one’s ears! Get acquainted with our voice talent, and read more about our professional audio recordings for all types of projects.

That’s all? No way! Read this page for an overview of our services, or contact us for custom advice.

Why choose Voice-over Xpress?

  • Professional voice-over talent from all over the world.
  • High quality recordings for miscellaneous productions.
  • We offer very competitive rates thanks to our streamlined workflow.
  • Fast delivery, even for larger projects.
  • Excellent service and support for all our clients.
  • More and more unique voices available in various languages.
  • We always deliver all our voice-over within 48 hours or faster
  • You receive the voice-over in a high quality .WAV audio file.
  • A free revision is included with every order
  • We are always open, we deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Our telephone helpdesk can also be reached 24 hours a day

Voice overs in the spotlight

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Listen to the different voiceovers of Voiceover Xpress and select the voiceover that best suits your project!

Upload Script

Upload your final script to our server. This together with a briefing and instructions for the voice-over.


Within 48 hours at the latest you will receive the voice-over in a highest quality .WAV audio file in your mailbox.

International Voice Agency

There are so many languages used around the world, it can prove difficult to find the right voice. In particular if you don’t speak the language yourself. A big advantage of Voice-over Xpress is the advice we offer our clients. Also regarding projects where the client is not familiar with the spoken language, we will offer support, in order to make the right choice for every project.

Dutch Voice-over

Hallo! If you are looking for a Dutch voice-over this is the right place for you. With a growing selection of professional voice-over talent from The Netherlands there will surely be a great voice for your project. From the high North down to the sunny South, and also a Flemish accent if you need a voice catered to a Belgian audience.

English Voice-over

Hello! Our selection of English voice-overs keeps on expanding, from British aristocrats to American cowboys, and everything in between! English is a universal language that is spoken (as a second language) by an enormous amount of people. Besides English voice talent we can offer our service and support in both English and Dutch!

German Voice-over

Guten tag! Considering Germany is the largest country in Europe it’s not required for Germans to speak other languages. Because of the culture in which movies and TV are usually dubbed, the German language in audiovisual productions is very much appreciated. With our our selection of both male and female German voice-over talent we can provide a voice for every production aimed at a German audience.

French Voice-over

Bonjour! The language of love is truly a pleasure to the ears. And that also applies to the various French voice-over actors that are listed in our database. Our professionals soar to Eiffel Tower heights with their impeccable attention to quality in both voice acting as the recording itself.

Spanish Voice-over

Hola! There are more Spanish speaking people outside of Spain than there are domestic speakers, that means the market for Spanish productions worldwide is huge. With a voice from Voice-over Xpress you can inform your audience in style, worldwide.

Arabic Voice-over

Marhabaan! After French and English, Arabic is the language that is spoken in most countries as the official language. Due to migration the target audience for Arabic productions has continued to increase. For multilingual productions in The Netherlands in particular our native speaking Arabic voice talent is very popular, but also for international productions our Arabic voice-overs are in great demand.

Italian Voice-over

Ciao! There aren’t many languages that evoke so much emotions and images as the Italian language. Even if you can’t understand a word of Italian it will sound like music to one’s ears. This absolutely applies to the Italian ladies and gentlemen who offer their voice talent to Voice-over Xpress.

Chinese Voice-over

Nǐ hǎo! With so many Chinese speaking people on earth the demand for a professional Chinese voice-over is of course gigantic. But how do you choose the right voice? At Voice-over Xpress we offer both Mandarin Chinese as Cantonese for a much wider range of services.

Voice-over Xpress News

With the hundreds of languages spoken in the world it would be impossible to offer all languages on our website. Are you looking for a specific language and it is not listed above? In that case we can probably still find one for you in our extensive network, please contact our helpdesk for more information.

Which types of voice-over are available?

You can find our standard voice-over types below, please click on the subpages for more information about each type. Are you working on a different kind of project? No problem, please contact us for all options without any obligations!
  • Voice-over for Corporate video: A picture is worth a thousand words, that’s until you have heard our enticing voice-over talent for corporate videos! Ranging from bombastic to demure, for every corporate identity we can provide the right voice!
  • Voice-over for TV Commercial: Encouraging the viewer to purchase a service or product in a short time span, that’s a serious challenge! With our voice actors your TV commercial will surely stand out.
  • Voice-over for Radio Commercial: Radio is basically like television, only without images. That’s an important distinction, the limitations of radio can also be used as a powerful tool if you use the perfect voice for a radio commercial.
  • Voice-over for Animation: From explainer videos up to hilarious cartoons, our voice actors are very versatile and creative. Bring your message to life with these animated voices.
  • Voice-over for E-learning: Learning by experience, with the addition of the spoken word for an e-learning course the subject matter will be better absorbed. Don’t limit yourself to a clear voice, but also a voice-over that will grab the attention of the listener and keep it.
  • Voice-over for Pre or Mid Roll: During a short message before or during a video the viewer does not want to be annoyed. But you do want to deliver a clear message. With our professional voices you can find that perfect balance.
  • Voice-over for TV Billboard: During a graphic that lists various sponsors that accompanies a video production, each company and every person listed deserves some attention. This is possible with a suitable voice-over.
  • Voice-over for Audio Book: Also for longer recordings Voice-over Xpress is your service of choice. You can ask about all options for long form recordings without any obligations.
  • Voice-over for Voicemail: Short but sweet, with our professional voicemail messages you can deliver the right message at affordable rates.
  • Voice-over for YouTube video: There’s more to see in YouTube besides cat videos. It’s no easy feat to stand out on a crowded service such as YouTube, but you can grab the attention with a solid voice.